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Anastasia Lucky Duck
(A. Lucky Duck!)
aka Anie
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Look What the Cat Dragged In!

Introduction: Anastasia Lucky Duck (A. Lucky Duck) was found on our doorstep in Manoa Valley by Buckwheat the cat on February 5, 2004. We think Anie was 1-2 days old then. Anie now resides in Hawai'i Kai with dad, Rich.

Ruth Komatsu

Image of Anie

Image of Anie

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Image of Anie

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Image of Anie

5 days old
Anie Update - February 12, 2004

Hi, Ruth and El,

I wanted to let you know I am doing fine. I am eating lots of the corn mash and I am about twice as big as when you saw me last. I have one problem that I haven't been able to solve so maybe you have some suggestions. When I fall over and end up on my back I can't get myself on my feet again. I lay there and kick my webbed feet in the air and it does me no good. Someone has to come along and help me turn over. Other than that I am fine.

Here is a picture of me with Dad (below). This is the way I travel when we go out of the house. I then get a car ride and get to spend the day at Dad's office. I run to look at myself in the mirror and then run over to the window so I can see Manoa Valley where I was born.

I have grown so many down feathers that I don't get cold anymore and don't need a heating pad to get through the night. Yesterday on the way to Dad's office I got so warm in his pocket that I jumped out and found a cooler place in the back seat of the car. I was so hot I started panting, so we had to go to McDonald's drive-through and get some water. I just fit inside a McDonald's coffee cup with a little water in it and I cooled off in no time.

I'm including a picture (below) of the green and white box I sleep in. I discovered I can jump up to the handle holes and squeeze out of the box. I woke up early one morning, squeezed out of the hole in the box and went all the way down the hall to the bedroom to find Dad and my human brother Matthew.

I hope you can come visit me before I get too big.

luv, A. Lucky Duck

P.S. If you come visit me (real soon) please bring me some of those tiny shrimp and fishies that you catch in the stream. I will appreciate it very much. Yummm.


Image of Anie in pocket at 5 days

Image of Anie's box

10 days old

Image of Anie at 10 days

Image of Anie in a cup at 10 days

14 days old

Image of Anie at 14 days

Anie's family?

Anie's sibling?


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