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Anie Update - March 10, 2004
by RAJ (Anie's Dad)

Anie is now 5 weeks old and a teenage duck. She is much bigger than the pictures below but the photographer is always behind at least one month. Anie is way too big to fit in my pocket. She has gone to Manoa stream to swim several times and enjoys diving and swimming under water in the stream where she was born. She also goes down the street (under parental supervision of course) to visit the big ducks on Hawaii Kai Drive. She wanders around trying to quack like them but can't quite pull it off.

Anie had her left wing wrapped tonight because her wing feathers were growing a little crooked. After 4 or 5 days she should be better than new.

A woman in England wants pictures of Anie! Read about Anie on Caroline Crocker's Ducky People page!

It's a big job and responsibility taking care of an international celebrity. Please send donations for duck food and especially duck diapers.

Image of overturned Anie
"I've fallen and I can't get up!"
Image of Anie listening to music
The teenager listening to music


Anie Update - March 25, 2004
by RAJ (Anie's Dad)

Anie is 7 weeks old yesterday. She talks a lot whether anybody's listening. She sounds a little like the rubber toys I had as a kid that whistled when you squeeze them. Come to think of it, I guess that's what yellow rubber duckies do. She has a number of voices besides the quiet whistle. Right now she's in the other room talking to the duck in the mirror and using three short quacks to talk to herself. When she wants to get up in the morning she will use a loud single quack to wake me up. Sometimes she sounds a little like a dove. I'm not sure if that is a natural duck sound or she learned it from the dove that comes by everyday to visit and eat her food. Most of the time Anie ignores the dove, but sometimes enjoys chasing it until it flies up on the wall.

2 weeks ago we took the tape off of Anie's left wing after leaving it on for 5 days. At first that wing was a little stiff and is slightly smaller than the right one but now they look the same. The first thing she does in the morning when she gets out of her box is flap her wings. She wants to flap them real hard but she starts losing her balance and lifting off the ground so she stops. She doesn't quite know what to do with that sensation.

Early one morning I went upstairs to take a bath and 5 minutes later I heard duck noises getting closer and closer until she was beside the bathtub staring at me and wondering why I didn't invite her in. So, now we know she can get upstairs. The getting down is tougher. She hasn't figured that one out, so she waits for me to carry her down. Maybe she'll learn about the advantage of wings when coming down the stairs.

Since getting the tape off her wing Anie has been getting her feet wet in product endorsements. 2 weeks ago I found her lying on her back kicking her feet in the air making distress quacks while rehearsing for "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up". In the same vein, Anie has out grown my shirt pocket and a Hawaiian Tapa print bag. Because of her commercial awareness she is now riding around in a Ford Motorcraft canvas bag. As we go down the street she keeps popping her head out of the bag hoping to be discovered by some advertising agency.

Last week Anie found Joanie's glass of milk sitting on the floor (the American Dairy Association would be proud of Anie's effort unless they find out it was soy milk). Those mustaches that the mega-stars have in the milk ads ain't nothin' compared to the way Anie has immersed herself in her work. She was willing to pose for a picture so I'm including it. Is that good work or what? It'll be interesting to see what other opportunities come floating her way as she learns how to spread her wings in the celebrity biz.

Got Milk?

Saturday in the Park
Image of Duck Park
Outing to the Duck Park
Image of Anie's parents
Anie's parents
Image of mallard speculum
Mallard's purple speculum
Image of Anie's speculum
Anie's green speculum
Image of tall duck
Tallest duck
Image of Greenhead
Image of ducks drinking water
Watering hole
Image of Muscovy
Image of mallard drake
Image of plain old generic Pekin

Anie with her brother, Matthew

Image of Anie between Matt's feet
At 2 weeks
Image of Matt and Anie
At 4 weeks

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