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Anie Update - April 6, 2004
by RAJ (Anie's Dad)

Between week 7 and 8 Anie began flapping her wings while running from one side of the living room to the other, obviously practicing taxiing down a runway. Joanie and I decided she was ready for some flapping lessons and more space so we took her to the park up the hill. Auntie Ruth came along to get some movie clips for Anie's expanding portfolio.

After making sure the two dogs who were in the park were on leashes and far away, I held Anie's body and moved her up and down a few times. Instinctively her wings extended, I tossed her into the air a few feet and she flapped her wings while falling to the ground. The first landing was a three-point one, two legs and a duck bill. By the third attempt she wasn't flying, but she did get the idea how to use her wings and land in the grass on her feet, more or less.

Anie wanted to take a break, so Ruth and I decided to play some tennis. Anie wasn't satisfied just watching the game. After Ruth hit a ball that was clearly beyond my endline, Anie came on to the court to show me where the ball hit the line (see picture). I did my best impression of John McEnroe but Anie wasn't impressed and refused to change her call. I think Ruth had slipped Anie a little of her favorite fruit-flavored duck food but Ruth denied it. Anyway, at that point I had her removed from the court and she took a walk with Joanie.

After tennis and a couple more flapping lessons Anie was ready to go home in her designer bag, of course. A cool wading pool looks pretty good after a workout at the park.

Two days of flapping lessons paid off. Early one morning I sat down at my computer to see if peace had broken out somewhere in the world during the night. Unfortunately it hadn't, but I did catch a glimpse of Anie taxiing down the living room runway. I turned just in time to see her jump a foot into the air and actually fly about 6 feet. I was more amazed than she was. She nonchalantly folded her wings, turned around and walked outside to chase a dove away.

She definitely has outgrown my townhouse and small patio so Joanie has been on the phone. We think we have a lead on a good place for her to live. We are going to visit soon and see what Anie thinks, so stay tuned for the next update.

Image of Anie Wilson

Image of Anie Penn

Image of the line judge

Image of Anie Ford Motorcraft

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Parts of Anie

Image of Anie's foot

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