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Anie Update - May 6, 2004
by JMK (Anie's Mom)

Anie has had an illustrious and successful childhood career in product endorsement (Tennis equipment, Ford Motor Company, Milk, et al.). After a whirlwind 7-1/2 weeks, she decided it was time to leave a celebrity's life of being whisked off to photo shoots and appointments, guest-refereeing at star-studded tennis matches and attending pool & trampoline parties in ritzy Kahala. She has opted to appease a building desire to spread her wings and take to the country to grow and find herself; to find a few feathered friends, and to discover what she truly is: A Lucky Duck!

After many phone calls and dead-ends, Mom Joanie's persistance got an ideal lead on "Melissa", the Duck Lady of Kane'ohe. Melissa and family have a wonderful dwelling on Kahe'ohe Bay Stream. They are animal lovers and welcomed Anie with open, loving arms. On April 6, at 8 weeks, Anie joined Melissa's menagerie of 4 cockatiels, Rico the Macaw, and 8 younger ducklings (5 mallard and 3 "poi"), her first animal aquaintances!

Anie tentatively explored the backyard offerings of date-tree buds, slugs, mud, and got her first rude awakening when she tried to eat a bee--Ouch! But she was so excited it hardly fazed her. A few shakes of her head and some fresh water from Melissa, [photo of Anie standing at the pink water container] and she was back to foraging as the other little ducks snoozed in their playpen after a swim

It was time for Anie's parents to go, and Anie followed along expecting to leave, too, as she had always done after outings. But this time, Melissa scooped her up and Mom and Dad had to say good-bye. They were heartbroken and Anie was confused. Melissa sensed it, too, and said, "I think I'll take her into the house for a while," because she knew Anie was used to houses. Because of this, Mom and Dad were relieved and reassured that Anie was in VERY good hands. [photo of Rich saying goodbye]

The next morning, Mom Joanie called Melissa for a report. Melissa's 3 daughters came home and fell in love with Anie:"Mom, can we keep her in the bathroom?"

Melissa replied, "Well, I'll think about it, but you know, we do want her to be a duck."

Coming soon: How Anie is getting on; more about Melissa....


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Image of Anie's new family

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