Things to Do


The following is a list, in no particular order, of "sitting down" things I have done at various points in my illness. When I was at my worst, it was all I could do to sit in front of the TV for a few hours but if I could do something else I found it very rewarding. I also think that too much TV makes you feel worse so, even at the lowest times, I tried to switch it off for at least part of each day. I also made sure I got a bit of fresh air - even when I couldn't walk far-by standing on the back door step for a couple of minutes.

At times I overdid it with some of these things and then had to rest even more for a few days but I think you need a balance. It is important to rest so that your body can use any energy you have for healing, However, I think doing absolutely nothing can be soul destroying so it is sometimes worth using up a bit of energy (when you get it) if it makes time pass more quickly. I got so restless at times (almost as if my body was trying to kick start itself) that I felt I had to do something. Having sensible/ less energetic things in mind helped me to avoid the temptation to try digging in the garden or other such things.

I hope the following give other people some ideas:


Read good books ( when my concentration started to improve again)
Wrote my first website.
Put family photos into albums for myself and others.
E-mailed friends and colleagues to stay in touch.
Started a garden  notebook and journal.

Cuddled my duckling and cats! (Not at the same time.)

Sent my hubby to hire funny films from the video shop ( and borrowed some from friends.)

Listened to the radio 4. It is good company and I am now full of useless information.

Sat in the garden and listened to the birds.

Sat in the car and let David drive me to see the sea or the moors. (Sometimes you just have to get out of the house.)

Looked for garden websites, duck sites and new recipes on the internet.

Created collages of ideas for DIY from magazines. (I can't do any DIY yet but it was fun to dream and plan colours etc.)
Started to learn to draw cartoon animals from a "How To" book.
Sorted through old garden magazines and kept the best bits.

Started drawing again.