April 2004


Narcissi Pipit







Every day this month brings new flowers and bright, fresh leaves. April began with red and yellow tulips in the urns outside the back door and a continuing show from numerous varieties of narcissi.

Primroses, fritillaries, pulmonarias and purple honesty continue the colour in the hellebore bed and elsewhere epimediums and anemones are in full bloom. A trip to The Garden House at Buckland Monochorum lead to the purchase of four new types of anemone to add to my collection of blandas.

David and Mum have been incredibly busy in the garden this month. David removed a large dead flowering currant from the back of the main border and, when I saw that there was going to be a huge gap anyway, it gave me the courage to change that section of the garden completely. I asked David to remove a huge fuchsia that requires massive pruning every year and is still too big for the border. So, with mum busily digging over and preparing the soil, we are nearly ready for two or three new shrubs.

Other achievements this month included a newly sown lawn to replace the one destroyed by ducky beaks last winter, a new mini hellebore bed in the duck garden and the spreading of five year's worth of garden compost over much of the garden!








Exochorda "The Bride"



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April 2003


Pear tree blossom

Pieris "Forest Flame"

Narcissi "Autumn Gold"







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