Starting Our Garden

This is how the Duck Garden looked in the autumn of 1999. It had a lovely wilderness feel but we soon realised that there was much more space than we first thought as raspberries and brambles had taken over in places. It was gradually cleared to make room for duck patio, the ponds and greenhouse.

View from the main patio in the winter of 1999 before we dug the new borders.

The area under the small eating apple tree had been used as a compost heap before we arrived. Here David is laying turf with the help of the ducks. Our three super deluxe compost bins in the rear of the picture later had to be down sized to make room for the greenhouse someone gave us!

See how this area looks now!

Yet another duck!

The path became a necessity after a winter of walking on wet, muddy grass to let the
ducks out everyday.

Mum, my gardening guru and regular planting, digging, weeding partner!

Dad - the man behind all of the hard landscaping in the garden! He has created patios, ponds, fences and archways and, yes, we know how lucky we are to have him!

View from the patio in April 2002 with the pots arranged for our wedding photo shoot!

The Calm Corner - so called because, even when the rest of the garden is windy, it is sheltered here. It is also a lovely spot for quiet contemplation!


I do,  when well, do some of the work myself!



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