An Abandoned Kitten



We chose Perdi from the Reading branch of The Cats Protection League when she was a few months old. Even though she was only little, she had already been abandoned twice.

She was the youngest of  thirty or more kittens found in an abandoned house in Guildford and rescued by the charity. The first family who took her only kept her for a short while before the girl left home and the mother returned her to the charity saying she didn't want her daughter's kitten.

It was shortly after this that we telephoned the lady in charge of re-homing, looking for a tabby kitten. We went to meet her and, when I crouched down in her enclosure, she came trotting over to me. That was it; she stole our hearts and we went to buy a cat basket and collected her later that day.

For the next week, we tried to decide on a new name for her. Her constant purring and her troubled history led me to choose the name Perdita (after Shakespeare's character in "The Winter's Tale" who was abandoned as a baby and taken in by another family.) She has been fondly known as Perdi ever since!


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