Where Does He Go?



Tolly is more and more a home body, however, he has been known to disappear for several days at a time. On the last two occasions, he did so after provocation on my part. Well, that seemed to be his view! Most notably, was the time when I invited my sister to bring the dog she was dog sitting round when she came to help me one evening. Tolly came back from a stroll round the garden to find this dog on his patio! He stopped in his tracks, arched his back and his tail fluffed up almost beyond recognition. Liz was concerned but I , thinking of  his original 19 treks home, said, "Don't worry. He is hardly likely to leave home!"

Well, that is exactly what he did do! He skulked off that very minute and was gone for days and days. That is one clever cat! I felt so guilty, and so anxious for his return, that I have sworn that no dog will visit us ever again!

He tends to disappear for a few days about once a year, leaving us wondering: "Where does he go?" On his return, he is always very vocal so perhaps he thinks he has told us!


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