Sheldon's Diary

weeks 11 and 12



Day 71

Monday 21st July

Martin let us out this morning. I was last out of the house but first to the pond as I overtook the others on the path.

After lunch, Caroline came up to see me with Nina and Beth. I was swimming on the rill with the others. (I am on the right in the photo! ) I ate grass Beth held out to me and sat on Caroline's hand for a while.

This evening, Mummy and daddy duck led me down the garden and we foraged in the flower beds.



Day 72

Tuesday 22nd July

We spent the day on the main patio down by the house today! Mummy duck led us down there and we foraged around for a while until Caroline brought the ducklings outside. I was so pleased to see her I quacked "Hello"!

Little D, the duckling with the poorly wing, had her sticky tape taken off and was playing in the water.

Later, Caroline let the little bully, Diddy, out for a while and the adults ducks chased her a bit which was what is needed to put her in her place.

I spent the rest of the afternoon preening in a bowl of water and dosing with the others next to the ducklings' run. Caroline thinks I can't see her, but I know she's watching me from the window from time to time!

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Day 73

Wednesday 23rd July

David let us out this morning but Caroline came up later with a visitor, Amy. I had a bit of fun running away from Caroline when she wanted a cuddle, but when they walked down the garden I couldn't pretend I didn't want to be with her any longer and I followed them down to the patio.

I spent most of the rest of the day on the main patio foraging and drinking from the baby baths in the rain.

Later in the afternoon, we wandered back up to the ponds but we heard a bit of a fuss on the patio. I think Titch is hurt, but Caroline is helping him!



Day 74

Thursday 24th July

Caroline found me posing on Duck Patio wall just before lunch today! I had a little cuddle and followed her around a bit before playing "catch the hose jet" with mummy and daddy!

Later, I swam under water in the pond as the water was filling up. I also had great fun splashing Caroline as I rinsed the fresh water through my feathers!



Day 75

Friday 25th July

Caroline couldn't wait to see me this morning so she came to let us out herself.

I was last out of the house but raced up to the food dish by the pond with the others. In the photo, the adults are following me as I rush back to see Caroline!



Day 76

Saturday 26th July

Yet another drizzly day today but it made for lots of good foraging on the main lawn as well as in Duck Garden!

We made our way down to the main patio after lunch and had great fun in the muddy puddles between the paving stones. The ducklings were out in their run and I was pleased to see Titchy looking much better!



Day 77

Sunday 27th July

There was plenty of excitement today! When Caroline came to let us out, she had a cat basket full of my brothers and sisters with her. You can see me trying to get to know them on their Duckling Antics page (Day 42) but they were not very friendly. Tolly seemed more inclined to say hello as you can see from the photo!

After a while, Caroline led the adult ducks and me down to the main garden so the youngsters (some of them as big as me!) could have the pond for a while without Daddy duck damaging their growing wings!

The four of us had a great day down by the house. We did plenty of foraging and later on a paddling pool full of water appeared on the patio. I had a cuddle on Caroline's lap followed by a fantastic swim. It's amazing how far I can splash the water!


Day 78

Monday 28th July

Caroline came to let us out this morning. (Actually, I got the feeling she had come to see the babies on their first morning waking up outside!) We had just enough time for a quick dip on the pond before the other seven invaded it!

After a bit of a scuffle between mummy and daddy duck and the ducklings, Caroline opened the gate and the four of us went down the garden for another day on the patio with swimming sessions in the paddling pool! (See photo!)



Day 79

Tuesday 29th July

Rain, rain and more rain! When today's photo was taken, I was sheltering with the adult ducks in the gazebo!

We have had a good day's foraging but found some time to stand by the gate and chatter to the ducklings on the other side.



Day 80

Wednesday 30th July

This morning, Caroline let us have a while in the rill without being bothered by the babies as she kept them occupied in the covered run.

When we were moved out into the main garden, we started our adventures by hanging out in the gazebo again and then moved into the hellebore bed to hunt for creatures to eat.

After lunch, Caroline came back to visit us and took this picture of me. (I had just stopped for a break from slug hunting!) I ate duck food from Caroline's hand and then she led us down to the patio for a swim in the paddling pool.



Day 81

Thursday 31st July

We stayed in the Duck Garden with the babies today. In this photo, I am looking on in disbelief as Marge and Bruiser take over the pond!

Mummy duck was showing the babies who is boss but they kept chasing me! I did brave all seven of them to get across to Caroline for a cuddle on her lap!




Day 82

Friday 1st August

When Caroline came up to visit me this morning, I was in the run eating with the seven little ones. We soon came out to explore though and, when the babies decided to chase me off, I went foraging with mummy and daddy duck. My beak got covered in mud but the slugs were yummy!



Day 83

Saturday 2nd August

I can't work Mummy and Daddy duck out at all. When we came out of our house this morning, they waited on the path with me for the seven babies but, once they had joined us, they were soon squabbling again. I just try to get along with everyone!

Our biggest news today was that, when David came to put us to bed, he found all eleven of us swimming on the rill together. Quite a squeeze!

(I'm in the front of this photo. Can you see how scruffy I look? I am losing these and getting ready for my adult feathers!)



Day 84

Sunday 3rd August

When Caroline let us out this morning we found that both the pond and the rill had sparkling, clean water in them! I went swimming with some of my brothers and sisters.

We ate breakfast from Caroline's hand and then foraged for grass and creepy crawly extras! Jasmine brought her mum and dad to see me again at lunchtime and she fed us too but, by this afternoon,  we were starving again and Caroline had to fetch us another bowl of growers pellets!

I must admit to getting a bit jealous when Caroline was cuddling Marty. I don't actually want a cuddle myself but still chased him off to show him I am Caroline's top duck!




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