2010 Ducklings!


We have six special ducklings staying with us for a week or so. Jessica is dictating a diary of their time with us with help from Eddie!


One of our adult ducks hatched these ducklings in the nest she built  in a "dumpy bag" in the garden. Here they are arriving in the sitting room in a box!



Day 1

Saturday 29th May


Today mummy surprised us by saying that we were going to look after some ducklings. We put up the cage then Daddy went out into the garden and brought the six ducklings into the house.

I have a favourite who I named Gem.

Eddie calls two of them Rosie and Jim.




Day 2

Sunday 30th May


Today, when I woke up, I had some breakfast and checked the ducklings. Eddie and I played near them then Daddy lifted out all the six ducklings. We had a cuddle with them. Mummy suggested that we could give them a swim. Eddie said the ducklings dived under the water. I thought they splashed us as much as they could.

After their swim, I lifted them from a box back into their cage to dry off. It was so cute when they were drying off.




Day 3

Monday 31st May

Today we went to Delamore Arts in Cornwood to see lots of sculptures and paintings. We didn't have much time with the ducklings because, after that, we went to the rustic park and later to Isaac's pirate party. The ducklings had a quiet day without their duckling minders.



Day 4

Tuesday 1st June

Today, I woke up and I went to look at the ducklings.

The ducklings raced around their drinker when we had loud music on. Then they wiggled their bottoms when we turned it down. Eddie said they were dancing!

Later, we put the ducklings in the sink again. Eddie didn't want to lift them because he said they were poopy. Then, after their bath, I put them back in their box and  Daddy carried them back to the sitting room.

I had a cuddle with the ducklings on a towel. They stayed on my legs until they were tired.


Here is Gem in my hands!


Day 5

Wednesday 2nd June

Tonight, when I was asleep, Gramps came over to my house. Gramps cleaned out the ducklings box and Mummy gave them a bath.


Day 6

Thursday 3rd June

Today, we put the ducklings in a baby bath for their swim. Daddy kept on squirting us with the hose. Eddie wanted to clean the cage but it was too messy.

I couldn't see my favourite at first because they have all grown so much. Gem is still the smallest, though.




Day 7

Friday 4th June

Today, we did their swimming on the patio again. I lifted the first one out of the cage but Daddy had to do the rest because that one jumped out of the box we carry them in.

Eddie saw one try to jump out of the baby bath. It was lucky Perdi Paws our cat wasn't there.




Day 8

Saturday 5th June

Today, Aunty Liz came for lunch and we cuddled the ducklings. Eddie and I said they are looking cute and we all thought they have grown as they have very long legs.

Later, we invited Freda round to watch the ducklings have a bath in the baby bath. Then we put the ducklings in a cage on the grass to dry off and went to see the other duck who is nesting in another dumpy bag.





Here is one thinking my finger is dinner!



Day 9

Sunday 6th June

Today, I checked on the ducklings before breakfast. They were looking very cute but very smelly because the cage was covered in poops!

We put grass in the baby bath for them to eat while they had their swim. We cuddled them after and they dried off on the towel.

When it was time for them to go back into their cage, we gave them a kiss.








Day 10

Monday 7th June

Today, we found out the ducklings are staying for one more day.

I went to school and we read this Duckling Diary on the classroom white board. Lots of children asked me questions and some said the ducklings are cute.

I am excited to meet their new owner tomorrow.




Day 11

Monday 8th June

Today, Eddie and Mummy gave the ducklings a swim while Isaac and Toni were here.

When Daddy came home from work, he brought James to take the ducklings to their new home.

I lifted Gem into the cat basket for her trip to her new home and said goodbye.

James phoned later to tell us that the ducklings were swimming round in their drinker because it is bigger than the one they had here.

I expect they are having a good time already!