Early Days!

A day by day photo album.

Day 1

Late night in the brooder after leaving the incubator.

Ducklings taking a nap.

(With no regard to how alarming they look to their humans when they are flaked out like that!)

First drink.

(Well, first after the one when their beaks were dunked in by me!)


Day 2

Nice eye liner folks!

Little handfuls!

Day 3

Look at those feet!

Day 4

Shoebox exploration!

They are fascinated with each other's beaks.

Perching on Lizzie.

Day 5

The run around...



Swimming in the paint roller tray.

Resting with David.

Day 6

Have those legs grown, Pip?

Hello Cheep!

Day 7

Pip's little wing!

A damp Cheep!

Water babies!

Pip preening.

Inside the brooder.

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