Bruiser Grows up!


You may have seen Bruiser's Photo Album, but this special page explains the changes in his feathers and colouring as he has grown up.

Marge (also a boy!) is developing the same colourings but is a few days behind Bruiser for some reason!


Day 4

Week 1

This is Bruiser on day 4.

His yellowy duckling fluff led us to suspect that he would have unusual colouring as an adult.

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Week 4

By day 26, Bruiser had brown juvenile feathers with only a few special black, white and grey feathers  to hint at his handsome colours to come!

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Week 10

Week 11



Bruiser and Marge - a view of their backs!



Look at that green spreading on his head!

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Week 13


His head is now almost all green!


Week 14

This photo shows the differing rates of feathering between Marge (left) and Bruiser (right).


Week 15

Here he is! A fully feathered drake.