Duckling Antics

Week 1

Day 1


Marty's first drink

Best friends!

(The first three- BQ, Marty and D (left to right)- arrive in the brooder.)

The tiff?
Day 2


Diddy duck looking diddy!

Well, they have to wait somewhere while the brooder is cleaned out!
Day 3


The line up!

The pile up!

(Typical sleeping pose...)


Are you comfy?

(Look at Marge's feet!)


The casual look!
Titch takes a moment to rest!
Duck or penguin?

It tastes better this way!
Day 4

The ducklings' first swim!

(Well, one or two of them swam brilliantly- under water and splashing about. Most were content to paddle and preen in the puddles in the tray. We only gave them a few minutes and then, when Marge started to look a bit cold and wet, we popped them back into the brooder.)

Mel with the duckling she named, Marge.

Click to see close-up of Marge


A good ten minutes of preening under the heat lamp soon dried them out!


The holes in the bottom of an egg box make a good feeder for jamming down the side of the brooder. The ducklings can't pull it out or tip it over for the first few days and so it stops them spilling their food so much!

Cameras are fascinating!
Being photographed is thirsty work!
Day 5

The ducklings' enjoy a drink from one of Nick's pots whilst they explore the dry paddling pool pen!


Preening again!
Marge looks on as Bruiser sleeps in the food dish.
Moments later...their peace is shattered! (Yes, he has stepped on Marge!)
Beth has a close encounter with Marty!


Click here to see another picture!

Looking good!
Day 6


Matt, Nath and Tom meet Marty!


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Sharon and Titch

Click to see close-up of Titch

Catching the camera cord as it dangles down is a favourite sport for all the ducklings.

Marge is getting used to being handled!
Identity parade:

Marge, Titch and D

Day 7

The ducklings followed me from the mattress on the floor into the pen where the paint roller tray is! They all had a swim. Everyone is in this picture...notice one duckling under water in the bottom of the tray!


Bruiser flaps his wings!
Running back after their swim!
Titch with Marty.

Titch does look quite a bit bigger this morning, but not as big as this angle suggests!


Nap time!
Take off!

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