Duckling Antics

Week 2

Day 8

Get off that carpet!

Little and Large!

The ducklings seem to enjoy playing with baskets. They jump in and out themselves.

Let us out!

(BQ did jump out and others followed later.)

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Titch and the bean bag!
Day 9

Getting a bit big for the paint roller tray!


Diddy (left) and Marty getting to know me!
Day 10

Ready to go!

First baby bath swim!


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Back in the box to travel down to the dining room!
Little wing!
We want to be runner ducks!
Day 11

BQ sits in the new, suspended, feed pot!

(They kept pushing the other pot too close to the water and making a mess.)

The ducklings hear Sheldon.

Sheldon was not impressed but the little ones kept jumping out of the paddling pool and coming over to meet her. They peck at her and she hisses!

(Sheldon only came in because I was too tired to sit with her in the garden. I am not seriously trying to introduce them to each other at this stage, as I have been advised that it is best to wait until they are bigger!)

Baskets are fun!

When I put Sheldon in the pen, so I could have a break, Marty was the first to go over to her!

Taking turns!
Nick, Claire and Cheryl came to cuddle the ducklings.

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Day 12



Duckling parade!


Close up!
The whole crew!
Balancing act!

(This upturned washing up bowl provides a dry platform for the ducklings to step out onto. Space is short so they sometimes push and squabble.)

Hannah and Mary Bolingbroke meet the ducklings.

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Day 13


(Notice the middle one sleeping under someone else's wing.)


Julie came round for a good gossip and to meet the ducklings.

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The queue!
Diamond formation!
Getting cosy.
Sleepy heads!

(Look at Bruiser in the middle.)
Wide awake!
Day 14

Kate and Beth came round to help with bath time. Beth lifted all the ducklings into the baby bath and out again at the end.

Back downstairs for cuddles!
Beauty parlour?
Sitting pretty!
Cuddled up!

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