Duckling Antics

Week 3

Day 15

Marty masters standing on one leg!


All fluffed up!
Propped up!


"Hello, Duckie!"


Day 16



Sitting on my legs...sweet!
Bruiser and Marty snuggled up with me.
Day 17

Jill and Geoff's drinker proves a success with the little ones!

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Yellow fluff turning into brown juvenile feathers!
Day 18

After bath time! Glynis witnessed the chaos as the little ones splashed water halfway across the bathroom. One even jumped out onto the top of the bath!


The ducklings enjoy jumping to catch anything...

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Preening circle!
Sitting together!
Ducklings on my leg!
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Playing with Liz's laces!
Evening cuddle!
Day 19

Sharing my beanbag!


Interwoven ducklings!
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Day 20

George came to visit the ducklings.

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Getting too big for the baby bath!
Look at the wet tummy feathers on their way through.
Wings make cosy places to rest a beak!
Day 21

Look at those tummy feathers coming through!


Kate and Beth called in this afternoon. Beth wanted the ducklings to tickle her feet, but they were more interested in getting Kate's


A feather mess!

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