Duckling Antics

Week 4

Fluff and Feathers
Day 22

Different growth rates!


Michaela meets Titch.

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First swim on the duck pond.

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An afternoon in the run!
Day 23

Marge and Bruiser.

The yellow bellies have nearly gone!


Can't wait for a drink!
Bottoms up!
A happy pile of ducklings!
Day 24

Mel comes back to check on Marge's progress!


The ducklings travel up to the Duck garden in the cat basket.


Hanging out in the run!

Beth and Madeline watch the ducklings swimming!

Having a lovely splash about!
Do we have to get out?
Day 25

Trying to eat cotton threads from the sheet! (Not for long once I spotted them!)

Diddy and Titch!
Marge and Bruiser are developing wonderful colourings!
Day 25

Titch tries to fly!

Four in a basket!
Marvellous Marge!
Day 26

The cuddle!

BQ's back!
A helping hand!
Marty and Titch!
Can that sweet little thing really be Bruiser?

Liz came to help with the ducklings. They had baby baths on the patio so I didn't have to walk up to the pond at the top of the garden.

At first they were more interested in the muddy puddles between the paving slabs!


There was much flapping of wings!
a great deal of strolling about...
more dabbling in puddles...
and finally some swimming!
As the whole crew got the hang of it...
Tolly watched from the window!
Day 27

A splashing good time!

Marge in the big pond!


BQ looking fine!
Time to preen, Marge!

Day 28

No time for funny photos today!

D has a poorly wing and, with the others pecking at her, I had to separate them. D spent a few hours on her own and was lonely and cheeping so I tried to keep her company. She enjoyed sitting on me and settled down to sleep!

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