Duckling Antics

Week 6


Day 36

D still has her sticky tape on but is used to it now.  You can see her blue coloured straws peeping out from under the tape. We will probably check it tomorrow to see how the wing is doing!



Out on walkabout, D has a much needed drink.

Day 37

Making the most of mornings indoors with the ducklings! (They'll soon be moving outdoors.)


Marty shows off his growing wings!
D's last run around with her sticky tape on!

We have now removed it.

Read all about her angel wing troubles here!

This is the same basket the seven ducklings sat in on Day 2!

Playing in the run!
First swim of the day!
Day 38

The ducklings spent the day in the run on the patio. D is better and back with the others after her tape was removed. (She is the one in the bottom of the picture!) It was lucky that she was out of her separate cage before this evening as, unfortunately, Titchy now needs it!

She is preening in this shot!

This afternoon, I found Titch on her back in the run. She used to be able to right herself when she was smaller but I have found her stuck like this three times now. This time I think perhaps the others had pecked at her because her wings were bleeding and, when I stood her up, she found it hard to stand at first.

I removed her from the run, rinsed her off in a bowl of clean water and dried her a little in a towel. She has had a good preen and is now in the cat basket we used for D. I have put a towel for her to snuggle down on so I am hoping a good night's sleep will make her much stronger.


Day 39

Marty and D playing on my lap!



Yet more preening!


This usually has water in it, doesn't it?


Creating chaos is hungry work!


Titchy seems a little stronger today.

She is resting in this photo!

Day 40

The weather is terrible and Titchy is still a bit delicate so I gave the ducklings a bowl of water to play with in the dining room!


Just enough water for a good preen!
Where's the water gone?
Stepping out!


Wing symmetry!
Day 41

Enjoying the drizzle!

Enjoying the swimming facilities!
Marty in the mud!

Titchy still has something not quite right with one of her wings, but she had a fantastic swim in the baby bath...

and even did her under water tricks!
Day 42

Time for one final run about and cuddle session in the dining room before moving outside to live like proper ducks!


A last paddle in the paint roller tray (for old times' sake!)

Posing for one last picture on the mattress!

Sheldon raced over to me (as usual) so she is in the foreground but the adults were more wary of the youngsters and retreated under the old apple tree!


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