Duckling Antics

Week 7


Week 7

Day 43

Frightening their parents!

Day 44

The run from the run!

Titchy flapping!

Day 45

Yet more rain this morning so I sat in the covered run with the ducklings for a while before I let them out into the garden.

Listening to Perdi Paws walking above them on the plastic roof!

Marty and Titch!

Day 46

Beaky and Titch!


Ten ducks foraging. (One was hiding in the flower bed!)

Day 47

Sheldon (top) with her brothers and sisters!

Earning their keep slug hunting!


Extremely cute picture of Titchy!


Day 48

Seven behinds having breakfast!



Back for seconds!


Day 49

Is that clean water?



More food required!


Marty and me!

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