Duckling Antics

Week 8


Week 8

Day 50

They started the morning eating my Dad's shoe laces!

Afternoon nap!

Day 51

The ducklings were particularly friendly this morning. Ignoring their food to forage around me!

Marty and BQ have a cuddle!
Mothers' Meeting!

The grass I pick for them evidently tastes better than that which they are standing on!

Day 52

Looking lovely!

Entertaining Beth!

Playing with the toggle on my shoe!



Day 53

So friendly!


Titchy is an excellent forager!
Sheldon and Daddy duck.
(Having the babies around has softened up Waggle who rarely came this near to me by choice before!)
Yes, it tickles!
Hanging out by the rill!

Day 54

Playing statues!

The ducks stayed absolutely motionless for a minute or two. They do this as a defence mechanism when they hear something that frightens them, I think, but it is beautiful to watch!

Day 55

Fluffing out their feathers and getting back to foraging after their wings were clipped for the first time.

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