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Week 8 was the last of the ducklings' weekly antics pages. Since then, their news has been included in Sheldon's weekly diary (see the link at the bottom of this page) and in various special pages which I list below as they are created!

Of course, I continue to update their individual Photo Albums so you can also catch up with them there!

Latest news!
There has been another hatch!

Click to meet the 2004 hatchlings.

Look at BQ! Obviously that is what patio tables are for.
Patio Games
Coldest night of the year- outside!

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Whose egg? Click here to find out more!
Ducks or drakes? Click here to see how we found out who was a boy and who was a girl!
 Find out about Bruiser's changing colours.

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For the more news on these ducklings, read their sister's latest ducky diary!


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