The Second Hatch

Sunday 15th June 2003


Sheldon, at five weeks old, watches the hatch!


Diary of the Hatch



Number 1

Marty hatched at 1.09 p.m. and as it was Father's Day, is named in honour of my Dad, Martin!

It was from one of Quackers' eggs and had made the external pip itself.

David, Dad and I were all there for the hatch.

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Number 2

D Duck (or Donald) hatched at 5.32. It was another one of Quackers' eggs and David had helped it by giving it a little air hole after the internal pip. It is named after David's Dad, Don.

D duck's hatch was captured on video. Nick and Claire watched it hatch with me.

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Number 3

This duckling hatched between 5.35 and 6.50 whilst we were having our tea!

It was one of Beaky's eggs and hatched without any help at any stage. We have called it BQ because it was another DIY hatch job with no assistance from David!

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Waiting outside...

Sleeping inside...



Number 4

This duckling hatched at 10.06, just before Liz arrived for her first visit. David and I watched it.

It is a very pretty duckling which is almost all yellow. We have called it Bruiser!


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Number 5

This pale yellowy duckling hatched at 11.02.

David helped to free its trapped head but it then finished the job itself. It is called Marge!


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What a tiring day!

Number 6

Diddy duck hatched at 11.18. This was only a couple of hours after it had been given some air by David after coming into the air sac.


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Number 7

Titch wasn't photographed in her shell because she looked so weak we thought she wouldn't make it to the brooder.

There was blood in her shell, although she had absorbed all her yolk, so she spent the night in a little box of tissue to keep her from the others' beaks. By the next morning, she was free of the egg so we placed her back directly on the floor of the incubator to dry out.

Twelve hours later, at about 6 pm, she joined the others in the brooder. They cuddled round her and, after I wet it for her, they helped her to pull off the remaining membrane which was stuck to her head.

She really perked up in the company of the others. She is about half their size but has had some water and egg yolk. We hope she will survive the night.

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The whole bunch on Monday evening!


So far so good!

Titch on Tuesday morning.

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