Water, Water Everywhere

(A Sheldon's eye view of watery goings on! See how a duck takes to water)


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When I reached 8 days old, I had my first paddle in a very small tub.

Later that evening I was plonked down in a washing up bowl of cold water. I panicked and they had to fish me out!

They took the hint and provided me with a more suitable first pool but by then I was feeling stubborn and refused to go in!

Luckily, some clever chap on the Poultry Forum had suggested a paint roller tray. Next day, I was off- paddling for Britain. Yep, that's right, despite the inbuilt ramp I still couldn't be persuaded to swim.

On the evening of day 10 I gave in and had an underwater swim in the tray. I was rewarded with a trip upstairs to the bathroom for a proper swim.

By the time I was 11 days old, I was an old hand and can be seen here posing on the ramp between swims.

Drying off was still my favourite activity by the time I was 12 days old! I did much more of this flapping and preening than was strictly necessary but it seemed popular with my fans.

By day 15, the paint roller tray was too shallow so I was allowed a washing up bowl in my paddling pool.

Now I've got this water stuff sorted. It's day 22 and I have my drinker and my paint roller tray on hand in the new pen everyday. Also, I get taken upstairs for swims in the baby bath!

On Day 40, Waggle (Daddy duck)  chased me into the pond and I had quite a good swim.

The next day, Caroline sat on the edge of the rill and tempted me into the nice, clean water. I didn't stay in long but I might go back in another day!


This is where I do my swimming when I am in the run. Here I am preening, but I also like to float or paddle round in circles.


I have discovered that water is fun! I particularly enjoy playing in the pond and rill after they have been cleaned out. The water rushes in from the hose in swirls, and I can play on the bottom of the pool.

Look at me. I was 10 weeks old yesterday and here I am swimming with the grown-ups!

We swim in the big pond too!

I love water so much now that I have taken up the under water swimming I enjoyed so much as a baby!

I have no excuse for this! I'm just mad!

                                                          Mummy duck and I playing the "catch the hose jet" game whilst Daddy looks on!


I am 8 months old now and I am a real water baby. I just love pond cleaning day and I am often the first one in as the water fills up!

Rill fun! I am the second one from the front (not posing for a change)!




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