A Ducky Friend!


Mallory, who belongs to my good friend Nancy, lives in Northern California, USA.

She shares her field with "Bossie" a crabby, four year old hen and four chickens: "Wynona" and "Charlotte" who are white Plymouth Rocks and "Lara" and "Emily", two Rhode Island Reds.

Nearby, are fourteen year old, thoroughbred gelding "T.J."  and  "Dutch", a nine year old gelding whom Mallory is madly in love with!

Sadly, Tiny, the gigantic turkey who shared the duck and hen run, passed away in 2004.

The final family member is eight year old "Benton" an English spot house rabbit.

The Mallory Gallery!

What a sweetie!

Snowy Feathers

Mallory and friends had their first encounter with snow. Snow one foot deep lasted for several days (over the 2004 New Year) and meant they had to be dug out of their coop. Mallory was the bravest! She enjoyed the snow experience from day one, leaving the hens and Tiny huddled in the coop.

Mallory and her BEST hen, Lara, having a few pieces of corn and sunflower seeds, next to some remaining SNOW!

Here is Mallory checking out the broken end of the tree! There MUST be worms inside somewhere!

Nice hat Mallory!

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