Cumbria's Cutie!

Freddie is something of a Miracle duckling. She lives with Aimie, Ade, Hermione, Felix and Max in Cumbria, England. Read her amazing hatch story below!

This lovely duckling had an incredible start to life. Her egg was one of four given to Aimie by a local butcher and all was going well until just a few days before they were due to hatch.

At this time, the family's generator failed and by the time it was fixed the eggs had been without heat for a good three or four hours. It was thought all was lost.

Amazingly, a couple of days later the eggs pipped but this came at a bad time when the whole family had to go away. There was no choice but to take the incubator, complete with eggs, with them on a one hour car journey for an overnight stay in Lancaster.

It was the next day, on the return journey, that the little sweetie decided to start the final part of the hatch. Freddie, named after the butcher who gave Aimie the eggs, finally made it out of the shell half an hour after the family arrived home.

Sadly, the other ducklings did not hatch, making Freddie something of a miracle duckling!