Ducky People!


Here are some of the people who have contacted me for help with their ducky dilemmas !




Nancy wrote when Mallory fell in love with her horse, Dutch, and needed her wings clipping to stop her flying over to be with him!

Now Mallory has her own Gallery.

Click to visit her pages!


Patty and her family from Ohio raised five mallards. Frankie, Elvis and Waldo were fine, but she wrote for help with Morris and Junior's angel wing problems!


Shane asked about introducing more ducklings to his first two ducky friends!


Lesley and her husband live in Florida. They rescued two abandoned Muscovy ducklings and wrote to ask about feeding.


Claire and her family live in Birmingham in the UK. They have a pair of white Campbells, Gerald and Gemima. They wanted general ducky information.


Joanie wrote from Hawaii to ask about imprinting and angel wing. Anastasia (or Anie) is a mallard duckling who was brought to her sister's doorstep by Buckwheat the cat. Her middle name is Lucky!

Click here to view Anie's website!


Moira Leitch from Lincolnshire, England wrote after the sad loss of her lovely duck, Dandi.

Beaky, her Call duck, is currently waiting for a new friend.

Click here to see them both!


Francesca Capel from Surrey, England wrote to ask for feeding advice for the abandoned Aylesbury duckling she had taken in.

Click here
to see pictures of Quacker.


Rebekah wrote for advice when she and her friend Alex found a duckling on its own by the side of the road. It is now safe in a rehab centre but I am sure she will always remember it fondly!

Click here to see it!


Joe Salvatore wrote from the US to say he had enjoyed the site.

Click here to meet his ducks and visit his website on which sells duck eggs to schools and hobbyists in the USA.


Randy Tuttle wrote to say how great this site is! (Thank you, Randy!)

He and his son raised a duck called Meep. Click here to meet her!

  Keith and Mandy Godwin wrote to ask about wing clipping. Click here to meet their talented duck!



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