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Sheldon with her biggest fan...ME!

Sheldon has a large following! Many who visit her have been back or plan to return.


She has even had messages of good wishes from members of the international Poultry Forum:

"Congrats on Sheldon, one very tough, special little duck!" (Trace R- New Mexico, USA)

"I just had to say that Sheldon is the cutest duck name I've heard in a very long time. It just makes me smile ." (Michele H - Oklahoma, USA)

 "Congrats on the little one. Shel should get stronger with each passing day." (Iridesa - Southern California, USA)

In e-mail communications (with me not the duck!) compliments for Sheldon have been equally forthcoming:

"Awwwwwww Thank you for the wonderful picture of Sheldon - can I adopt him?" (Mel M)

"...very handsome" (Becky)

"How sweet!  Isn't he gorgeous..." (Christine)

"Wow, he's gorgeous!" (Sarah Y)

"adorable" (Sarah T)

"Cute" (Louise)

(We have since realised Sheldon is a girl!)


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(of first visit)

11.5.03   Liz Shuter
12.5.03   Martin Shuter
      Chenda Shuter
      Nina Crocker
      Don Crocker
      Kate and Beth
(There are great animations on Beth's page. Click to see!)
Kylie Fear
      Nick and Claire
13.5.03   Linda  Germain  
      Sarah Young
16.5.03   Dave and Jane
17.5.03   Steve and Helen  
18.5.03   Christine Cope  
22.5.03   Glynis Griffiths
      Mary Bolingbroke
23.5.03 Becky Miles
24.5.03   Helen Jeffery  
25.5.03   Isobel and John  
27.5.03   Kevin and Jasmine  
30.5.03 Sue and Emily
Vanda and George
4.6.03 Jan
6.6.03 Madeline
8.6.03 Sharon Heeley
15.6.03 Sue and Zara
17.6.03 Maria , with Kevin and Jasmine  on their second visit.
Mike Griffiths with Glynis.
19.6.03 Mel McDonagh
20.6.03 Cathy and Robbie Wilson
21.6.03 Matt, Nath and Tom
26.6.03 Cheryl
27.6.03 Jill and Geoff
Mary and Hannah Bolingbroke with their aunt, Mary, on her second visit.
28.6.03 Julie Cater
30.6.03 Janet, with Jane on her second visit.
3.7.03 Sam and Pat Robins
5.7.03 Bryony Hanlon
7.7.03 Michaela
9.7.03 Jo and Grace, with Kate, Beth and Madeline.
13.7.03 Heather and Jake
17.7.03 Peter Bryant
23.7.03 Amy Glastonbury
21.8.03 Angela King
26.8.03 Laura , with her cousin Beth and Aunty Kate!
29.10.03 Sue Dennis
9.9.03 Isobel  Alford
23.9.03 Pete, with Isobel on her second visit!
27.9.03 Jan and Phil
2.10.03 Nicola Griffiths, with Glynis on one of her visits.
3.11.03 Tom Alford and Jack Slater
27.11.03 Alison Collins
29.12.03 Sarah and Chris Barrett
28.2.04 Penny and James McGrand
6.3.04 Sally, Mick and Charlotte Mayne
16.4.04 Kirsty, Danny and Anna  came for a first visit with regulars Kate and Beth!







  Name Location
7.7.03 Animel Gold Coast, Australia
8.7.03 Judy Logan, West Virginia, USA
13.7.03 Nick Frisco TX, USA

14.7.03 Daphne Middlesex, NY, USA
1.8.03 Erik Brown Kentucky, USA
4.8.03 Di Apollo, Pennsylvania, USA
7.8.03 Ducky fans
Puck and Ruck

See their photos!
Logan, West Virginia, USA
9.8.03 Nancy de Halas
See her duck, Mallory!
Redding, California, USA
18.8.03 Candy Scobling Plymouth, Devon, UK
21.8.03 Karen Fostel Florida, USA

23.8.03 Josie Scobling Plymouth, Devon, UK
4.9.03 Martyn Spencer Devon, UK
9.9.03 Patty and family Ohio, USA
26.9.03 Israel Searingen Atlanta, USA
4.11.03 Linda (Lulu)Johansen Union City, CA, USA

21.11.03 Brittany LeBlanc North Central, Texas, USA
16.1.04 Alicia Polizotto Long Island, New York,USA
28.2.04 Wendy Van Doorn
and Matthew
Knoxfield, Victoria, Australia
8.3.04 Sarah Dotson Washington, USA

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