International Ducklings!


Here are some of the ducklings whose owners have contacted me via the website!


Image of Anie in a cup at 10 days

This Hawaiian duck is A. Lucky Duck.

Read her website here!






These cuties are Zack (left) and Rose.

They live with Sean, Jenny, Jerrod and Wyatt Ford in Oklahoma, USA.

Click here to see them grown up!




This cute fellow is a resident of Texas, USA.
Click to meet all of the "Marcom Duckling Crew"



This gorgeous three week old lives with Diane in Canada. Click here to see who he hangs out with!



Discover the wonderful story behind these little fellows who live with Helen Taylor in Somerset, England. Click here!



Disco the duckling is one of seven little ones who belong to Sharon Rentz and her family from Connecticut.

Click here to meet them!




This is Freddie. She lives in Cumbria, England.
Click here to meet her!


  Rachel Mozeika wrote to say how helpful this site has been in hatching and looking after her duckling, Aspen.

Click here to meet the little one!



This is Meep! She is now two and a half years old but you can view her duckling pictures here.



This is Heather Wilsher's Harlequin duckling. Click here to see it with its friend!


  Kristin Flores wrote for advice when hatching this little duck, Hughie. Click here to meet him!


This gorgeous duckling is Willy. He turned out to be a she and you can see some really adorable earlier pictures of her here!




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Laurie Coyne of the Four Seasons Farmers 4-H Club Wiscasset, Maine wrote after they hatched these lovely runner ducklings!


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