Sheldon's Diary

weeks 1 and 2


Day 1

Monday 12th May

I'm out! I hatched yesterday at 6pm after much tapping and cheeping. At 6am I was moved to my brooder. (A plastic box with a cosy heat lamp at one end.) I am very wobbly on my feet. I think they are worried about me but I'll be ok.

At 9 am, I had my first drink. After having my head dunked a few times, it seemed the easiest thing to do to give in and drink up.  Just before 5pm I had my first food since the yolk in my egg. For a change they gave me egg to get me eating then it was on to starter crumbs.


Day 2

Tuesday 13th May

I spent today wobbling round my brooder. To everyone's amusement I couldn't walk round my drinker without keeping one foot in it. They are videoing me and taking lots of pictures. I am having loads of visitors. (Apparently, I'm very cute!)

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Day 3

Wednesday 14th May

I discovered my legs today in more ways than one. I am much steadier now and, with them growing so quickly, I find I need to spend hours nibbling them to make sure they are clean.


Day 4

Thursday 15th May

Today was a day for water! I got my beak right into my drinker and splashed it everywhere. I'm quite a bit taller already and my wings are growing fast. She put me in a little basket for a photo session today. I hope the fee is good. I'll be paid in chick crumbs I expect!

Ever heard of chicken in a basket?

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Day 5

Friday 16th May

I had fun today. I was given a cardboard tube to play with and she caught me on video squeezing through it. It was only just big enough so I had to do a little wriggle when I got half way through so I could shoot out the other end.



Day 6

Saturday 17th May

I got to get out of the brooder today. She's bought me something called a paddling pool. There is no water in it but I can run around it and sometimes they sit in it with me.

Someone on the Poultry Forum suggested a mirror for me and it arrived in my brooder today. I was scared of it at first and it made me jump every time I passed it.

In the end, I decided I quite liked the duck I could see in it and now I like to sleep with my beak touching it.

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Day 7

Sunday 18th May

My beak looks a bit big today but I'm sure I'll grow into it! I fell asleep in her hands today which seemed to go down well. I think it is best to keep her sweet!

I don't know when to stop. Today I ate too much and ran around too much. I had trouble with my beak and was spluttering for a while. I must try to keep calm in future.


Day 8

Monday 19th May

I ate loads today. I don't know why they were surprised as they had me out of the brooder for ages. First, I paddled in a little tub. It was fun but then they plonked me in a bowl of water but I wasn't having that! I much prefer sitting on her lap. Oh yes, I discovered I can jump!



Day 9

Tuesday 20th May

Today, I discovered there is more to life than chick crumbs! I had grass snacks. They were best when served up with a little bowl of water to drink from whilst perched on her lap!



Day 10

Wednesday 21st May

I had great fun swimming underwater in my paint roller tray today. It makes the water splash everywhere but amuses my fans.

Later, I had a swim upstairs in the bathroom. See me drying off in the photo to the left!



Day 11

Thursday 22nd May

This was my finest hour. I had a great dip in the paint roller tray and then posed like a surfer for the picture on the left!

 A keen fan visited me at 10pm. I am popular!





Day 12

Friday 23rd May

I got up to my usual tricks today. I managed to escape from the sheet I am supposed to run around on and climbed a beanbag for a moment before being swooped up.



Day 13

Saturday 24th May

I can really run now. Look at the size of my legs. I love rushing along the floor. Whenever she puts me in the paddling pool to keep me contained, I just jump right out. One time I landed on a yellow curver box and fell in, another time I landed right in her hands!

See my markings!



Day 14

Sunday 25th May

I am so speedy now and I tumble everywhere. I enjoyed a swim in the baby bath. She splashed me and I caught the drips in my beak. I  jumped in and out and  swam underwater. I also had several swims in the paint roller tray with grass to dabble for!



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