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Caroline ventured up to Duck Garden after a bout of sickness to pick hellebore blooms to float in water as a treat. This is the photograph she took of us in the bushes near the Calm Corner.

At other times this month, we saw Jess' Granny doing some winter trimming in the garden and, on the 6th, a bell ringing friend, Gill Madge, brought her daughter, son-in-law and two grand-daughters to see the ducks. They are interested in becoming duck owners next spring and thought we were lovely!





With the first of the spring sunshine on the 4th, Caroline, Jess, Granny, Gramps and Liz ventured out to inspect the flowers and picked a little spring posy which Jess loved to examine. She wanted to know the name of each bloom in turn.

One weekend, they took Jess to visit Liz, who is in Bristol doing a degree now, and Jess came back with her first pair of wellie boots. Very handy for the weekends when she often lets us ducks out with her Daddy.





David has promised some duck eggs to friends at work and so he separated our parents from the rest of us for ease of egg collection. Our mums, however, were not playing ball and so he has let them back out after there wasn't a single egg from them in captivity!

On the 8th, it was so sunny that Caroline and Jess spent an hour in the garden with us. Jess enjoyed picking dandelions and herding us (see above) and Caroline relaxed on cushions, heavy with Baby Bump who is due next month!

Saturday the 17th saw Granny babysitting for the morning. She and Jess let us out and played in the garden for ages. Later, Granny changed our pond water (usually Gramps' job) and found eggs in both the rill and the pond.



Well, Caroline is due to give birth to "Baby Bump" any day now and, along with David and Jess, made the most of the lovely sunny weather during the school Easter holidays. That was good news for us as it meant we were allowed down into the main garden; you can see Titchy, Diddy and myself sleeping on the patio by the house in the photo above.

One particular day, Caroline took advantage of a late pregnancy surge of energy to sort out the patio pots. This photo shows just how happy she was to be able to do so much gardening and, from the size of her bump, you can imagine that she is waddling like the best of us at the moment!

It was that day, the 12th, when a beautiful present arrived in honour of "Baby Bump". Helene (author of the excellent Runner Duck Diaries website) sent a wonderful "Calamondine" whose miniature orange fruits are a fascination to the whole family - particularly little Jess.

























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