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Yes, I know, hard to believe but duckling diaries with words are finally back! Caroline has been too busy with her kiddies to help me but I am assured normal service is now resumed.

We had a quiet January with the snow (the most we've seen in Plymouth for about a decade but still not much by any other standards) providing the most excitement.






Eddie ( now nearly 3 ) has proved to be a real friend to us. He is allowed to let us ducks out on his own at weekends and loves to bring us our food at the same time. He doesn't always look as fierce as he does above; this outfit was for Imogen's monster party!

We see David on weekday mornings and Caroline often puts us to bed at night.





Young Eddie is a duck lover but also quite an explorer. We have had to sacrifice our bigger pond for the moment to ensure he is safe in the garden. It is no real hardship -with the rill pond still in operation- and we can't take any chances now he has worked out how to undo the bolt on our Duck Garden gate!





Eddie turned 3 this month with a Lazy Town party to celebrate.

At the end of this month, one of my sisters began to lay eggs in a "dumpy bag" that Caroline and David had abandoned (full of garden trimmings) on duck patio. The humans thought this was the best nesting spot to date; she kept them guessing for days. She will sit from early May when she has laid ten or so!




My latest Diary Entry



The ducklings hatched on the 29th May. Their mum was not best pleased to be separated from them so soon but it was better David than one of the many cats around here and, anyway, we can't keep them into adulthood as we have enough ducks for our accommodation! 

As you can see from Jessica's new diaries, they are being loved and looked after indoors until their new owner can fetch them!


2010 Ducklings

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A second sister chose a second dumpy bag to nest in. Unfortunately, (as David verified after she had abandoned the nest) all but one egg was totally infertile. The only duckling hatched on the 9th of June and Jess donated one of her doll's mirrors as she remembered from my diaries that that helped me when I was small. Jess named her Ruby and, sure enough, the mirror settled her down. She is going to join Gem and co. at James' house soon anyway.





That's it from me for this month. Remember, you can e-mail Caroline for my latest news anytime and I will be back next month to keep you informed!

Bye for now,


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