Sheldon's Diary

weeks 3 and 4

Day 15

Monday 26th May

She was busy today writing some website or other today so I didn't have any real company until this evening. When she did come to see me, I clambered all over her and pecked at her glasses.

Click here to see my baby  feathers!


Day 16

Tuesday 27th May

The little feathers on my tail have started to fall out so that my juvenile feathers that I will have all summer can grow. Apparently, these will be brown and I'll look speckled like my mum. (They'll have to wait another three or four weeks for my voice to break to discover if I'm a boy or a girl. Obviously I know but I'm not telling!) Oh yes, bald patches have appeared on the top of my wings too.


Day 17

Wednesday 28th May

My fluff is continuing to fall out. There are now gaps at the base of my wings too.

Click here to see where I am going bald!





Day 18

Thursday 29th May

I've gone right off swimming. I'm prepared to have a good splash about once a day but no more!

I make so much mess now that she took my cloths away and I'm just resting on the mesh in the bottom of the brooder. That's ok, though, because they've attached a little pot to the side of the brooder with my food in and that's all I'm worried about. I have to keep eating if I'm going to keep up all this growing.

Little straws have appeared on my tummy for the feathers to grow out of. I have also developed a much louder squeak so it is easy to get their attention.



Day 19

Friday 30th May

The little reddish brown feathers on my wings and tail are now about 4 mm long. The fluff on my tummy is falling out rapidly too. My squeak has a deeper edge to it so perhaps my voice is starting to break.

This evening, David presented me with my new home. It is a huge mesh cage. Unfortunately, I spent the night in the corner because I forgot how to get back into the paddling pool (see left).



Day 20

Saturday 31st May

My home has changed again today as she has taken out the paddling pool so I won't get stuck. I can now wander around the pen, paddle, eat and drink but that didn't stop me squeaking at the top of my voice for most of the day!

Click here to see my first proper feathers.



Day 21

Sunday 1st June

I enjoyed running out of the pen and round to the sheet on the floor today. I had great fun foraging round and eating grass treats she held out for me.

Click here to see how big my wings have got!




Day 22

Monday 2nd June

Today was the first time in days that I've been taken upstairs to the baby bath. It was just what I needed as I was covered in fluff and bits of feather that I needed to wash off. Beth was here and played with me by splashing the water and tempting me with grass. I loved it!

The feathers on my tummy are really coming through now. I must look quite funny with a few bits of fluff left here and there.



Day 23

Tuesday 3rd June

My feathers are growing all the time and today the fluff on my face has started to change. I had another good swim in the baby bath this evening. Warm water! I think she is spoiling me.




Day 24

Wednesday 4th June

Just look at my tummy now! Most of the fluff is out and the feathers are quite impressive. I posed next to the basket I sat in three weeks ago to give you an idea of how much I've grown.

I love being let out of my pen and racing round on the sheet she puts on the floor for me.



Day 25

Thursday 5th June

I'm not feeling shy...I just thought I'd show you how my wing feathers are progressing. You can also see that the ring around my neck is changing from yellow to white. My tail is quite long and good for waggling expressively now. I'm actually quite a scruff at the moment and often look like I've got dandruff, as little white bits fall out along with my fluff.

Liz came to help with bath time today so I put on a special show! I was diving under water, jumping out and then rushing back in for more underwater swimming. There is talk of filling the whole bath for me so my antics are working.

Click here for an aerial view!



Day 26

Friday 6th June

How's that for a leg? Anyone who saw me wobbling around in my first week will be amazed how strong I am now.

I had a good race around the dining room a couple of times today and a few cuddles but it seems I'll have to wait until tomorrow for another swim.



Day 27

Saturday 7th June

The remaining fluff on my tail and wings is starting to fall out and some of it is turning wiry now  ready for my last few feathers to develop.

I had a good swim at teatime today but because she had the video camera out I didn't swim underwater properly. I don't do tricks on demand!



Day 28

Sunday 8th June

One month old today! The straws for my wing feathers appeared today. By mid morning there were a couple of millimetres of feathers sticking out of them and by this evening, half a centimetre!

The underside of my tail is much admired (see photo).

See my back!




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