Sheldon's Diary

weeks 7 and 8


Day 43

Monday 23rd June

Caroline came to see me for a little while this morning. (She is getting someone else to let me out in the morning so that she has the energy to visit me later! ) I get really frightened when anyone comes to the run- even her.

Eventually, she tempted me out and I had a good run around. I could see Mummy and daddy duck but they didn't bother me today. Perhaps they are getting used to seeing me about!



Day 44

Tuesday 24th June

Sarah came to check on my progress today. I got the impression that she thinks I've turned into a beautiful duck!

Caroline noticed that my yellow dots (now blobs) are still there underneath my wings. In fact, it is still quite fluffy under there! Talking of wings, I had a good flap with them today. I fancy flying but I don't think I'm ready for it!

I saw Perdi again and had another go at getting her tail but Caroline stopped me!



Day 45

Wednesday 25th June

This afternoon, Caroline came to see me. It started to rain so we sat in the run for a while. I passed the time by playing with the buckle on her shoe and swimming in my washing up bowl! Caroline noticed that my coloured feathers had turned bright blue over night.

When the rain stopped, I followed her around Duck Garden and chased pieces of grass!



Day 46

Thursday 26th June

I was allowed to walk down the main garden this afternoon. We hung about on the patio for a while and then Caroline carried me into the dining room.

It was fun to be back inside, but then she let the babies out! They started out in their paddling pool but they can jump out and soon they were all over the place. I find them a bit frightening so I tend to back off or hiss at them. I did try to go for one once or twice but Caroline stopped me.



Day 47

Friday 27th June

Caroline and her mum came to see me this afternoon. I sat with them in Duck Garden and they admired my coloured feathers which look blue in some lights and purple in others.

David has gone away for a week. I expect he'll miss me terribly!

Day 48

Saturday 28th June

I met Julie for the first time today so I showed her my wings!

We also had Perdi Paws there for company. She doesn't seem to like me much.

Later, Chendy and Martin let me out again and I had a good run around. Mummy duck came up to me several times but Daddy duck still prefers to chase me away.


Day 49

Sunday 29th June

I think Chendy quite likes me now as she came to sit with me in the run today.

Nick and Claire came to visit me too! I showed them my chasing grass trick and tried to get up close to Tolly Boy but he is scared of me.  Nick offered to take some pictures, so I posed with Caroline for the one on the left.



Day 50

Monday 30th June

Today Chendy was tidying up the pots outside the back door so Caroline fetched me from the run to sit with her on the patio.

I explored the pots and foraged about between the paving slabs. Unfortunately, I also enjoyed pulling flowers off the Busy Lizzies which didn't go down too well with Caroline!

Later, mummy and daddy duck came down. They still haven't really accepted me, but between us we managed to frighten off Tolly Boy.

This afternoon, I met Jane's mum, Janet, and saw Jane again for the first time since day 5!


Day 51

Tuesday 1st July

This picture (taken a couple of days ago) shows where I would have liked to have been today! In fact, I had to spend the whole day on my own in the run. It is not a small run but still, I would have liked some company!

Martin let me out this morning and Claire and Nick put me to bed tonight. I am sure Caroline will make it up here to visit me tomorrow!


Day 52

Wednesday 2nd July

Today, Caroline came up to see me. She sat on her new comfy garden chair and I foraged around in the grass nearby.

I also had close encounters with Tolly Boy and Perdi as well as my mum (see photo on the left).

I left the ground today!  I had two little attempts at flight. It won't be long now before I can take off properly!

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Day 53

Thursday 3rd July

Little Jasmine came back to see me today. She brought her Dad, Kevin, and his mum and dad with her too! She wanted me to swim but even she couldn't persuade me to stay in for long.

I have worked out that when Caroline leads me back to the run, she shuts me in so I don't follow her when she goes in there. She still gets me in the end but it is fun to try to escape!


Day 54

Friday 4th July

When Martin came to let me out this morning, I went right up to him to say hello. I've seen him every morning this week so it was the least I could do!

Caroline came up after lunch. I was shy about coming out of the run but then Tolly Boy showed up so I came right out to investigate!

Click here to see Tolly trying to avoid me!

My wings are stronger every day!


Day 55

Saturday 5th July

I let Martin stroke me this morning! It was his last day letting me out, as David is due home tonight, so I thought I could afford to be friendly.

Later, Caroline came up with Vanda and George who last came to visit me when I was 19 days old! I sat on Caroline's lap and let George stroke me and feed me grass.

Perdi paws showed up and, as she sniffed me, my beak touched her nose. (Caroline was annoyed that she didn't get that one on camera!) When Perdi rolled over on her back, I grabbed her ear with my beak and she ran off!


                  8 weeks old today!

Day 56

Sunday 6th July

This picture shows me next to the big pond. Caroline keeps trying to tempt me in but I find it a bit too scary. I prefer to stick to my washing-up bowl!

Kate and Beth came to see me this afternoon and Tolly Boy came too. My finest moment was when the cat was stretched out with his eyes closed and I ruffled through the  fur on his back for ages with my beak. He seemed to be enjoying the attention as he likes to be tickled but then, when I moved my face closer to his, he opened his eyes and got the shock of his nine lives! Very funny!


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