Sheldon's Diary

weeks 9 and 10


Day 57

Monday 7th July

When Caroline came up this morning, she had Liz and Michaela with her. They brought my seven brothers and sisters up for a swim in the pond. The little ducklings loved the water but I couldn't be persuaded to join them! (See me here on the left watching them swim.)

I had my greatest flight yet and even landed quite well. My attempts at eating stones from the path were not so clever!


Click here to see me with one of my greatest fans, Michaela!



Day 58

Tuesday 8th July

Caroline's M.E. gave her one of her worse days today. Apparently, she spent the morning sitting very still and the afternoon asleep but then at about 4 p.m. she felt strong enough to come to see me!

We had a lovely time. I did lots of preening, which you can see on my page of that name, and I spent some time pecking at Caroline as well as foraging in the grass. For the rest of my adventure, see below!

Click here to see today's fun in the sun!



Day 59

Wednesday 9th July

I had a lovely day today. Caroline came up after lunch and we had a great time. I had a bit of trouble with mummy and daddy duck but I hope I will get on with them one day.

Martin called in and he persuaded me to swim in the pond. I stayed in for quite a while and had a good wash. Nick called in too.

After I got out, Martin caught me and David clipped my wing! Caroline couldn't watch but it was fine. I didn't feel a thing!



Day 60

Thursday 10th July

What an incredible day! This morning, when David let me out, he made me go out of the run and he left me in the garden with the adult ducks. I couldn't believe it!

At 11 o'clock, Caroline crept up to check on me and I was over near the rill watching mummy and daddy duck swim. I went over to Caroline and she pushed me into the pond for a swim. I had a big splash about as you can see.

After lunch, Caroline came back up with Cathy and my seven brothers and sisters. They put the ducklings into the pond and I watched them. Now, they really do make a splash! I stood quite near the babies when they got out of the water, but the funniest moment was when one of the ducklings chased daddy duck away!



Day 61

Friday 11th July

Today was my second day of freedom! I love being out and about with the grown ups.

By the time Caroline came up to see me at 3.30 p.m. I was busy foraging in the bark path with the others. When they went for a swim, I went over to say hello to Caroline but then I followed Mummy duck over to the big pond for a drink.

My next stop was a cuddle with Caroline. She scooped me up and I sat in her hand for a while while she stroked my back! It is great having human and ducky friends!



Day 62

Saturday 12th July

This morning, David let me out and, by the time Martin visited, I was swimming in the big pond with Daddy duck! (Yes, just me and him - I couldn't believe it either!)

Later on, I followed Martin down the main garden to see Caroline and her mum. Then I ran back up the top on my own for a nap in the shade.

I had a lovely time with Caroline and David this afternoon. They came up for a picnic lunch so I shared the blanket and had lots of cuddles from both of them. I had a good preen standing on David's hand. Move the mouse over the photo to see my face!

I spent the late afternoon foraging on the main patio with the adult ducks and dosing by the back door!

Click here to see me with my new friend!



Day 63

Sunday 13th July

Here I am showing off my wings to the grown ups!  I am getting on quite well with them now.

This morning, Caroline and David brought Heather and Jake up to meet me. I sat on Caroline's lap so little Jake could stroke me.

I spent the rest of the day foraging and sleeping in the shade of the apple tree. I have a tough life!



Day 64

Monday 14th July

This morning, David let me out and the adult ducks, who had been running up the path, came back to meet me. It won't be long until I share their house at night.

 When Caroline came up to see me this afternoon, I was standing on the edge of the rill but I soon ran over to see her. I sat next to her and she stroked me and picked me up for a cuddle. Perdi cat came to sit with us too!

Later, I played in the pond as the clean water was going in. The hose makes the water swirl around and I really enjoyed it!

Click here to see me playing in the pond!

When I had had enough swimming, I preened myself dry and then wandered off to see mummy and daddy duck!



Day 65

Tuesday 15th July

David forgot to let me out this morning so, when Kevin came round for a visit with Jasmine, he let me out!

Today's photo shows me eating grassy treats from Caroline's hand. She and Martin sat with me for a while this afternoon and I did some looking cute and rushing about!





Day 66

Wednesday 16th July

There were scary thunder and lightning storms at 4a.m. this morning and the very heavy rain continued all morning. I spent a lot of time sheltering in the run.

Later, when the rain eased a little, Caroline popped up to see me for a minute or two. It was too damp for the camera, however, so today's gorgeous picture is from a previous photo shoot!





Day 67

Thursday 17th July

I've had a busy day today. When Caroline came up I was with the adults and you can see me in the pond with Daddy duck in the photo on the left!

The weather was dry but dull this morning so Caroline didn't stay long, but she came back up later with a visitor, Peter. We were dosing in a line along the side of duck patio when they arrived.

 I am almost as big as the others now but I still enjoy playing with Caroline. I went for a wander with her and sat on her hand!

When David came to put us to bed, we were all together, swimming on the rill ! I wanted to sleep with Quackers, Waggle and Beaky so I followed them into their house. I am such a grown-up duck. Caroline will be thrilled!



Day 68

Friday 18th July

I had a good night in the grown-ups' house. It was fun to have company! David let me out and Caroline came up later on to check on me. She found me foraging in the grass like a real duck!

I spent the rest of the day with the adult ducks and we found lots of creatures to eat as the ground is soft after all the rain we've had this week.

I've got the hang of the night time routine now. When David comes to put us to bed, I waddle down the path and into the run with the others!


Day 69

Saturday 19th July

Caroline let us out this morning and I rushed out of the house first. I ran up the path but I came back to Caroline for a cuddle. She picked me up and I snuggled into her coat for a few minutes.

Later, as the clean water was filling up, I played in the rill. I enjoyed getting it right through my feathers!

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Day 70

Sunday 20th July

I spent today with the adult ducks as Caroline didn't have the strength to come up to see me. The weather was gloomy but, when it is drizzly, it does make it easier to find creatures and there are puddles to play in on Duck Patio!



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